Monday, April 7, 2014

Laurie Amirault - a Man's Man! (52 Ancesters - #14)

Blogging about ancestors has proved not only a mechanism for me to learn about the person who I'm writing about, but I'm also meeting new people to whom I didn't even realize I was related!  Over the past few weeks I've been a pen pal with my "new" second cousin (x1 removed), Lea d'Entremont from West Pubnico, Nova Scotia.  If I was not working on this blog we may have never met, even electronically.  A few years ago we visited Pubnico, however, when my aunts and cousin visited Lea, I was researching family (with some of the most helpful nicest ladies around) at the Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos in West Pubnico, Nova Scotia (  Lea has been kindly sharing photos of her parents, uncles and grand parents for the last few weeks.  She also sent me a wonderful family tree with names, dates of birth, marriage and deaths.  This week I decided to write about my Great Grand Uncle Laurie who was Lea's grandfather.  

When Joseph Levi LAURIE Amirault was born on October 8, 1861, in Pubnico, Canada, both his father, Marc and his mother, Rosalie, were 28. He was the oldest of five children (of whom I'm aware).  Many of my ancestors in Pubnico went by their middle names, however, I'm not sure how the name LAURIE came to him. 

He married Rose ADELINE on January 11, 1893, at Immaculate Conception Parish in Middle East Pubnico. Because Pubnico was such a small fishing village at that time, clergy was not always available all the time to perform nuptials for those in the village wishing to get married.  Another reason was because the men were busy fishing usually late into the fall. 

Laurie and Laurent (Laurence) wedding announcement -
Courtesy of Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos (copy made 6/7/2012)
Laurie and "Deline" had eight children during their marriage.  One of their children was Bernice and Lea is her youngest daughter.  Here's where the "man's man" part comes in...According to Lea, a story she heard her mom Bernice tell about her father Laurie was that one day he got together with the boys in the neighborhood and had a little too much to drink so he went to the barn to throw up and the horse kicked him in the face!  When Laurie got back to the house he told them what had happened and his wife "Deline" didn’t dare laugh outright because he was kind of grumpy at  the time but every so often she couldn’t hold back her laughter and he heard her laugh.  The next day he told the story to his friends saying that his wife “Deline” would burst out laughing thinking he didn’t hear her.  Lea said there’s a name for it in French but she didn’t know how to translate. 

Lea went on to say Laurie was always kind of a serious guy, never played with his kids like her father did with them but he was a good man.  I think it is because they probably lived a hard life up there in the little village.

Laurie died on October 8, 1930, in Pubnico, Canada, at the age of 69.

I'm forever grateful to Lea for sharing her story with me and the photos.

NOTE:  Apparently all photos that existed of Laurie and Deline were tossed after their death by a nephew.  I ache thinking of the genealogical goldmine of information that is now lost in time.  If he were alive today I'd most likely ask what type of wedding celebration he and his brother shared (was there one?).  Also, I would have him smile for the camera and say cheese!


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