Sunday, May 25, 2014

I think we're related (What People Talk About)....Natalie Belliveau & Lange Amirault (52 Ancestors - #21)

A few years ago Aunt Mal (Marilyn (Amirault) Lima) passed this 1950's Boston Globe article on to me. Admittedly I've missed placed it and last Wednesday she brought me yet another copy because I want to prove my lineage to these two people. The story of Natalie and Ange is a true beautiful love story that occurred during the exile of the Arcadians from Nova Scotia and it ends so happily.

I've tried to find the article in order to give appropriate credit with no luck.

I'm sure they are my ancestors because I have other Jacques and Ange Amiraults in my maternal grandfather's line. If I go back a bit further I'm sure I'll find the connection. Well, researching this connection will be my summer project!

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