Sunday, May 11, 2014

Where is Onesippe? Charles Onesippe Boudreau (52 Ancestors - #19)

Charles Onesippe Boudreau is amongst the missing.  To step back let me give you a little background.  When Charles Onesippe Boudreau was born on August 5, 1843, in Wedgeport, Canada, his father, Felix, was 38 and his mother, Genevieve, was 27. He married Johanna Sheehan on January 20, 1873, in his hometown at St. Michael's RC Church. They had seven children in 11 years.

Some of my aunts and my cousin Pat filled me in in some if his story. He was a ship captain out of Tusket Wedge (Near Yarmouth, Nova Scotia). At some point in 1885 he took sick, ended up in a "mental hospital" and rumor had it that he died from a brain tumor. Our trail stopped there.

In 2012 my aunts, a cousin and I decided to take a road trip to visit family in Dartmouth and Middle East Pubnico, Nova Scotia. While we were up there my Aunt Marilyn and I visited the Nova Scotia Archives (NSA) in Halifax hoping to discover where we might find Onesippe's grave. NSA was quite a place and it was not from a lack of resources that we were unable to find out what happened to my x2 great grandfather. We were just not looking in the right place.

Fast forward a few aunt hired a professional genealogist from Halifax, NS to see if they might have better luck. Well did they ever. We now have his patient file from Mount Hope Asylum in Dartmouth.

He died in February 1886 in Dartmouth, Canada, at the age of 42.  The whereabouts of where he was buried remains a mystery to this day!

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