Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thomas Nickerson - The Very First (52 Ancestors - #18)

While in Cleveland last week I noticed they had quite a grand cemetery.  It was so beautiful as we drove past I texted a close friend who knows my tree as well as she knows her own and I asked her if I had any relatives buried in Cleveland as I so wanted a reason to go poking around the stones.

Prior to starting to REALLY research my family I knew of The Nickerson Family Association (http://nickersonassoc.org) located in Chatham, Massachusetts.  It has been a wonderful resource for me as they assisted me in identifying my lines to the Mayflower (Steven Hopkins) and to the Daughters of the American Revolution.  My Uncle Joe had their original black binders of all Nickerson's (there were about six of them).  That publication morphed into encyclopedic books that are worth their weight in gold.  I have two of the books detailing the various lines and they are now in the process of writing additional books.  My only regret is that the Association is located quite a distance from my home.  The bonus is that their website is pretty robust and they are very responsive when you write.

The Nickerson Family "Encyclopedia"

Their first book, "The Nickerson Family: Parts 1-3" really gives great information about how the Nickerson name evolved as well as the meaning of the name.  They have old maps in the book, some pen and ink photos, a great Nickerson shield and a well researched family genealogy.

The book talks about my 12th great grandfather Thomas Nickerson and it states:  "Thomas Nickerson born in Norwich, England about 1515 was a plaintiff in Chancery in 1568.  He was buried at St. John's Timberhill, Norwich, February 25, 1584-5.  He married MARGARET RUDD, daughter of Richard of Norwich; issue, a son" whose name was also Thomas.   

NOTE:  If you are a Nickerson who is even remotely interested in genealogy, The Nickerson Family Association is very much worth joining and their books are a great buy.  The Association has a reunion each year which I'm looking forward to attending soon.  It looks like great fun.  When I was down there researching my family last fall I met one woman who was my 7th AND my 8th cousin and another person who was my 8th cousin!  How cool, right!? 

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